With recent talk of how terrible the Redskins have been, many on fan message boards have been calling for a fresh start, including an update to the team’s uniforms.  Below is an idea I came up with.  My aim was to come up with a uniform that encompasses different elements of the team’s past, while keeping the set classy and traditional.

The gold pants were an element brought back when Bruce Allen joined the front office, but were  also present up until the 1980 redesign.  The numbers outlined in gold is a nod to the current set. The gold helmet feather helmet is a mash-up of the gold “R” helmet and the feather helmet of the early 60’s.  Last but not least, I made the stripe patterns match on the jersey, pants and socks.  That’s something I wish the team would fix with their current set.

Redskins Nike Elite_City_Scape


When it was announced in 2011 that the Seahawks were going to do a complete uniform overall, I came up with a design that I thought would be fitting.  Of course, my idea was way more traditional than what the team eventually settled on for the 2012 season.  My design reintroduced silver and the more traditional green to the color scheme.



Here is a colorization that I made of an old black and white photo of Sammy Baugh.  It was a painstaking process, but worth it…

 Original Photo

My Colorization


I later had it printed onto a canvas mat frame and placed it in my Redskins Man-Cave…

Man Cave 054


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