Redskins Man Cave…

I recently bought a new home and decided to turn the downstairs area into Redskins room. I painted it to resemble the Redskins’ away uniform — white jerseys with gold pants. The top two-thirds of each wall is white, with six-inch burgundy and gold stripes painted in the center to represent the sleeve stripes. The bottom third is wood paneling that I painted gold to represent the team’s awesome gold pants.

These pics were taken right after I bought the house and show the room in its previous state:

The top portion of the walls were a light buttermilk-ish color, while the bottom wood portion was the color of Gulden’s mustard. Not bad, but not what I envisioned as the ideal room for watching football.

These next few pics show what the room looked like while I was painting the stripes:

man cave 012

Man Cave 018

I wish I had taken more pics of this process. After painting the walls white, I used one of those Black & Decker laser levels that are typically used for leveling pictures. With the laser beam flashing across the wall, I taped off the top of what would become the red stripe, then the bottom. I used three coats of flat paint for each stripe. For the red stripe, I used standard blue painter’s tape. Bad idea — after pulling up the tape, there were lots of areas where the paint had bled under the tape. So for the yellow stripe, I used the green Frog Brand tape, which made a big difference — I think I had one little area where yellow paint slipped under the tape, but it took all of 30 seconds to correct.

Here we have some shots showing the process of painting “Hail” on the wall:

Man Cave 020

Man Cave 023

Man Cave 024

I started by creating a quick transparent png file in Photoshop, then projecting it onto the wall with a computer projector I borrowed from work. I had a hell of a time getting the projector level, so I went back to Photoshop and got the measurements of each letter. I knew I wanted the letters to measure 14-1/4″ from top to bottom, so I used that as my benchmark. From there, I was able to get the scale of each letter. So after taping the “H” to the wall, I measured out how far the tip of the “A” should be, and so on. I used a razor to cut out the triangles that would make the crosses in the H and the A. I painted four coats, then peeled the tape off. It looked great! I spent about an hour after that touching up lines that weren’t quite perfect.

And here we have the finished product:

2012-09-02 16.20.47

Man Cave 043


2015-02-14 18.11.58


Man Cave 054

That last photo shows an old black & white photo of Sammy Baugh that I colorized, then had blown up and put on canvas. It looks much better in real life, honest.

There’s this shot from the bathroom, which proves that I’m as immature as my wife thinks I am:

Man Cave 039

During the Summer of ’12, I put a refrigerator in the Man Cave.  To make my wife happy (and to get the in-laws off my back about the lack of a Steelers presence), I created a “Steelers Corner” area:

Steelers Corner

To make the fridge resemble a Steelers helmet, I put some gold helmet stripes down the center and added some helmet numbers to the top and bottom.  That’s one “Mean” fridge!


In March 2015, featured an article about the Man Cave!


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